Image by: Freedom House

Connie Agius spoke to Toby Cadman, co-founder of Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers, who is preparing a brief of alleged war crimes in Syria.

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We have seen highly credible evidence from a number of different sources in relation to Aleppo and other parts of Syria“.

Toby Cadman refers to the numerous reports of both “indiscriminate bombing” and systematic targeting of hospitals, and highlights the large number of individuals arrested, tortured and executed in military intelligence facilities.

In his opinion, what we have seen in Aleppo over the last few days “is really an extension of what we have been seeing repeatedly over the last few years“.

When asked about the reliability of the evidence of international crimes, Toby responds that the cases that his team is putting together and investigating are not relying on social media or unconfirmed reports: “there is a huge amount of materials, of photographs and videos, documents and individual witnesses testimonies that corroborate the accounts that we are hearing“. Hopefully, these cases will be heard before a court in 2017.

As Connie Agius explained, “the race is on to compile evidence of possible war crimes committed in Syria, as the evacuations from Aleppo continue“.

The original interview was published at The World Today on 16th December 2016.