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The 21st century has already witnessed the worst humanitarian crisis since the Holocaust in Syria, a war which has included the use of torture, chemical weapons and incendiary bombs. The Geneva Convention laid out the rules of war when it was signed at the end of the First World War, but are the principles it was designed to uphold now being ignored?

Guernica 37’s Head of Chambers Toby Cadman participated with University of Nottingham Visiting Fellow Afzal Ashraf in this conversation about the ‘Laws of War’ at TV program ‘Insight’ of TRT World.

According to Toby Cadman, the Laws of War still exist but “there is a lack of accountability to enforce those rules“. Mr. Cadman mentions the concerning impunity for international crimes committed in Syria, Libya or Iraq, and adds that due to this lack of punishment for the commission of atrocities, for some people the Laws of War are “just a piece of paper“. In this context, it is most necessary to continue advocating for the establishment of more efficient enforcement mechanisms and strategies that could ensure accountability and prevent future atrocities.

This video was originally published on 14th February 2017 at TRT World’s Youtube Channel.