Clients & Associates

The IFDHR prides itself in its ever growing list of associated organisations that it works with including law firms, commercial organisations, governmental agencies, UN bodies and NGOS. We have and continue to serve a number of organisations for the protection of their legal rights in a diverse field of specialisations. Some of our notable clients include:

9 Bedford Row International

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9 Bedford Row International handles issues of an international nature and criminal cases for clients that are private individuals, states, governments and organisations from the start of a crisis as it develops on the international stage, to investigations and the court proceedings that may follow. 9 Bedford Row International can assemble a complete team to cover the range of positions necessary to deal with the complex issues arising from international litigation. Our long experience in this field has enabled us to build relationships with leading academics as a further resource for our work and also to secure the services of leading political, military and police experts.


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Movements is crowdsourcing the fight for human rights. It connects human rights activists in closed societies with those with skills to help them around the world. Join today and help a dissident in need.

In closed societies around the world, brave human rights defenders face enormous hurdles to advance human rights. is a new platform that allows people everywhere to help protect basic freedoms. This online platform connects activists in closed societies with people around the globe with skills to help. Whether you’re a journalist, politician, activist, artist, technologist or you speak a few languages, everyone has a role to play.

International Coalition for Freedom and Rights

The International Coalition for Freedom and Rights is a human rights NGO based in Istanbul, Turkey.  It is a coalition of international lawyers around the world dedicated to the documentation of human rights abuses.  It was inaugurated following the military coup in Egypt to ensure that the military regime is brought to justice following the deposal of the former democratically elected government.  The ICFR is also engaged in documenting human rights abuses in Bangladesh.

Syrian Legal Development Programme


The Syrian Legal Development Programme (SLDP) was established in 2013 and operates as a non-aligned, non- governmental organisation working in non-state controlled areas of Syria. The SLDP team consists of researchers, lawyers, on-the-ground trainers and human rights advocates. With the mandate to promote human rights, the rule of law,  and minimise the negative humanitarian consequences of the Syrian conflict, our aim is to formulate a number of educational programmes focused mainly on international law which will help the Syrian people set the foundations for a future Syria.

International Criminal Law Bureau


Members of the Bureau have practiced and advised upon cases in the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, the Special Court for Sierra Leone; the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, the Defence Offices of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have represented and advised states and individuals including heads of state, political and military leaders, and other high-ranking state officials from Europe, the Arab World, Asia, Africa and North America. View client

No Peace Without Justice


No Peace Without Justice is an international non‑profit organisation founded by Emma Bonino and born of a 1993 campaign of the Transnational Radical Party that works for the protection and promotion of human rights, democracy, the rule of law and international justice. View client

9 Bedford Row International

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The Chambers of Anthony Berry QC at 9 Bedford Row is one of the country’s leading and most respected criminal sets.  With 12 QC’s and 51 junior barristers Chambers has expertise in all areas of the criminal law. Chambers is proud of its long established reputation for providing excellent client services, delivered in a friendly, open, and professional manner. View client

Foreign & Commonwealth Office


The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has a worldwide network of embassies and consulates, employing over 14,000 people in nearly 270 diplomatic offices. We work with international organisations to promote British interests and global security, including the EU, NATO, the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the Commonwealth. The FCO promotes British interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe. In 2012, Toby Cadman was engaged to head a team to investigate crimes committed in the Syrian Arab Republic.  This involved: (i) conducting witness statements in Arabic in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, (ii) drafting of affidavits, (iii) forensic investigation along border between Lebanon and Syria, (iv) liaising with local humanitarian groups and establishing comprehensive referral system, (v) consulting and advising FCO on potential frameworks for documentation of evidence and legal standards to be observed in this regard.  View client.

Syrian Emergency Task Force


The Syrian Emergency Task Force is a non-profit organization based in Washington DC. The SETF was created to convey the democratic aspirations of Syrians to the American people.  SETF supports humanitarian organizations in their efforts to help the people of Syria and bring the crimes committed by anyone in this regime who engaged in killing, torturing or detainment, to justice through legal, peaceful means.  Toby Cadman has previously served as Legal Counsel to represent victims of the current conflict in Syria and advising on a long-term transitional justice strategy. Further, in close coordination with the ICC Office of the Prosecutor coordinating an investigation into crimes against humanity committed by the current regime within the jurisdiction of the ICC. This also includes briefing the UN Security Council members on a potential referral. Also instructed to represent six Syrian-American plaintiffs in the United States Federal Court in the District of Colombia seeking reparations under the Aliens Torts Claims Act and the Foreign Services Immunities Act for torture and other prohibited acts under international law. View client