The IFDHR operates by advising institutions and policy makers at the local, national, international and level. Its members provide advice and technical assistance to justice sector actors and national governments, UN and other international bodies.

It acts for victims associations in the documentation process of human rights abuses and litigating claims at the national and international level.

It brings cases before the organs of the United Nations and other international human rights monitoring bodies.

It present reports to the United Nations on thematic issues and transitional justice development.

It provides a research capacity for matters of international humanitarian and human rights law.

It focuses on peace, justice, accountability and reconciliation issues in the Former Yugoslavia and will expand its work to include the conflicts in the Middle East following the Arab Spring (i.e. Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia) and South Asia (Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia).

Advisory Services:

As legal professionals with significant experience internationally, the members of the IFDHR are ideally placed to assist those individuals, governments, groups, and other NGOs who may from time to time require such expert assistance.

That assistance is likely to be upon, but not exclusive to, the relevant elements of International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights obligations under relevant UN conventions, and obligations to act in accordance with human rights obligations more generally, be it concerning legislation or commercial/business practices.


As individuals and through other such organisations, the members of the practice have delivered a significant amount of training programmes at varying levels, aimed at individuals, companies, and national governments.

For example, Toby Cadman has delivered a number of high level, bespoke training programmes to members of the Syrian Justice sector in the liberated areas, namely judges, police officers and lawyers.

Given the specific expertise of the practice, the practice will also seek to assist those practicing in the same fields internationally by way of bespoke training programs as and when requested, thus building on the training already provided by the practice’s individual members.

The practice seeks to become synonymous with high-level representation both domestically and internationally in relation to the stated practice areas.

High Level Lobbying:

Having developed significant contacts domestically and internationally, the practice seeks to become synonymous with the provision of lobbying services with a focus on the development of human rights.


It is not envisaged that the practice will engage directly in litigation, however, the practice has significant links with lawyers worldwide, thus ensuring that where litigation is required it can be pursued robustly, with the appropriate expertise.