Crisis Management

Crisis Management and International Investigations represents a core component of the work of the IFDHR. Our Group has diverse expertise as displayed in the broad range of issues we address and we have found it necessary to develop multi-front strategies to assist in project development and delivery.

The services provided include advisory work on legal obligations, public advocacy on foreign policy, international relations issues and strategic advice on public relations campaigns. IFDHR and its individual members have a wealth of experience with interventions at all levels of conflict.

In an increasingly multi-national community, conflict can arise with some regularity. This is conflict can take many forms and at many levels, however, the basic principles remain be it conflict over a small contract, to conflict that results in violence or war.

Our extensive experience and involvement in international law and foreign policy on a global platform enables us to provide guidance on the development and implementation of clearly defined strategies to achieve the objectives in any given post-conflict scenario.