Various countries and regions have on occasion seen periods of instability and conflict.  A criticism that is often made is on the issue of impunity and the lack of accountability.  In acknowledging this issue a number of states and regions are developing or have developed historical accountability mechanisms so as to address the crimes of the past.

In developing such mechanisms however, it is imperative that all corners of civil society are involved and any victims feel assured that their voice is heard, otherwise the air of past impunity will be seen to continue.

The IFDHR recognises that on occasion a state may not necessarily have the appropriate experience in developing such mechanisms and therefore, the IFDHR seeks to work in partnership with the state in that development.

Having been instructed to develop, manage, and implement justice and accountability mechanisms in Europe, the Middle-East, and South Asia, members of the IFDHR can offer the relevant experience to provide a bespoke service and develop mechanisms ‘in country’ to suit a states individual needs